Original Recordings


Beyond Myself

May Peace Prevail; Beyond Myself; You're Already There; One Heart; White Mountain; Common Thread; Butterflies; The Agreement; Peace is a Choice; In All Things


Great White Bear; Home; Here Within Me; Family; Bear Sisters; Wherever You Are; Beyond Ordinary Eyes; Ali's Lullaby; Grandma Time; I Am No Refugee

Just For Today

All is Right; All the Time; Come On In; Finest Regalia; In My Mind's Eye; Jacob; Just for Today; Pooh; Students and the Teacher; Take My Hand; The Fair's Dance


Sunrise; Reflection; Aspen Snow; She's Being Courted Again; Under the Light of the Moon; Between a Moment and a Lifetime; Senses; I Am From; Heart Light; Vision Walk

Scenic Byways

Yah Wey; Scenic Byways; Aspen Snow; Step Into Your Own Skin; Sweet Town; She the One with the Key; Don't Tell Mom; Just a Dream; Two Whiskers; Walk the Path

Let me know which songs you would like (as packaged together above OR select them individually) and if you wish to receive them electronically or on a physical CD.   You can download a couple of the songs here.

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