Helping you Succeed!


Life Coaching


Discover and embrace your gifts and fully step into your purpose.

Spiritual Counseling


Whether you want to talk about God or the most unexplainable things you've experienced or seen, we are here to help you explore and understand the spiritual side of life.

Business Consulting


Create a plan for expanding social media for your business, create a non-profit, or build your music business career.  We can help you! 

Workplace Caregivers


Whether you need to vent because of a frustrating situation at work or whether you've experience a hardship in life that is spilling over into work and affecting your job, we provide the assistant you need to get through. 

Sound Healing


Using the sound of the flute and drum, or even better, using your own voice, sound healing is a powerful tool for re-tuning your inner orchestra.  Let's explore together what best helps you find the calmness and inner peace you deserve. 

Concerts & Conversations


Music is a universal language and reaches beyond words.  Schedule your house/office concert, and let's get the conversation of commonalities started! 

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