Workplace Wellness


We are dedicated to supporting the emotional wellness of you and your staff. As much as everyone wants a work space that is smooth going and supportive, life occasionally delivers an unexpected blow that can throw you or your team off guard. Without realizing what’s happening, the tensions, sadness, frustration, etc. from personal trauma/drama seeps right into your business and affects your success. This lingering unseen energy is felt by your customers and clients.


As a business owner, entrepreneur, or supervisor, it is likely, and understandable, you are focused on getting the job done, not on the emotional wellness of you or your team. It’s also likely you aren’t trained in the emotional wellness arena so you might find it easier to just tell them to work it out for themselves. However, if you are a true leader, you know that tending to emotional wellness is critical to your success. So how do you get the job done without stopping and trying to figure out how to fix a personal problem?

That’s where we can help. We offer a blend of coaching and counseling with listening and compassion. When someone feels heard and understood and learns how to effectively move toward a solution, work performance increases…and everyone wins!

The personal care we provide is confidential and untied to your HR department so that your team can feel free to openly discuss concerns, problems or issues without feeling the fear of repercussions.

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