The Venting corner


Everyone needs a place to vent, and it’s healthier to get it out then it is to keep it in. Question is, if you don’t have a safe place or if you lack a confidant…where do you turn?

At work, walls have ears, and even if you feel you are venting to a trusted source, the source may not be as trusted as you believe…OR…someone around the corner that you can’t see, might hear your vent and take the ball and run with it to their advantage.

At home, friends or family might be tired of hearing your vents…or don’t care…or don’t understand. They tune you out.

Perhaps you are growing and expanding, but those closest to you choose to stay in their comfort zone. They don’t share the excitement of your new journey or support you along the way.

There are so many scenarios! 

The Venting Corner is here for you…for all the scenarios of your life when you want or need to vent and/or talk with someone.  Let us be your confidant and your cheering section!

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