Virtual Assistant Administrative Services


General Administrative and Office Tasks

  • Answering calls, leaving voicemails and checking messages.
  • Checking email, responding to customer inquiries and managing spam.
  • Database entries, updates, and maintenance.
  • Establishing, updating and managing a calendar of important events.
  • Scheduling appointments with clients, businesses and salespeople.
  • Launching and maintaining cloud computing accounts (DropBox, OneDrive, Google).
  • Composing documents from handwritten drafts, faxes and dictations.
  • Create customer feedback survey and forms.
  • Proofreading documents and other office materials.
  • Producing graphs from your spreadsheets.
  • Writing down minutes from meetings and then creating a detailed document.
  • Transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts and meeting recordings.
  • Searching for hotels, booking airfares and mapping out trip itineraries for business.
  • Performing generic errands for the office, including buying items online, arranging locations for office parties, etc.
  • Speaking with customer service representatives for tech support, banking issues, etc.
  • Composing press releases and newsletters and submitting to news release directories.
  • Designing brochures and creating content to put inside.

Social Media Management

  • Opening social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Writing, editing and sharing posts on social networks.
  • Engaging with audience: responding to inquiries, sharing relevant information, thanking customers for mentions and purchases and posting promotions.
  • Updating all social media accounts on a regular basis.
  • Coming up with detailed profiles and inserting links to company website.
  • Performing a social media audit: conduct thorough analysis on traffic, shares and mentions.
  • Observing the company’s competitors on social media by looking at rankings, online visibility and keyword prioritization.
  • Article and blog post creation.
  • Responding to comments made on the business’s blog.
  • Adding tags and images to website and blog posts.

Adobe Photo, Audio & Video Editing

  • Creating and editing graphic designs.
  • Basic video editing: splicing intros and outros and inputting graphics and music.
  • Adding captions to videos.
  • Uploading files to YouTube and IGTV.
  • Trimming footage segments and producing rough and final cuts.


  • Turning raw data into a detailed report and slideshow.
  • Developing and delivering slideshow presentations.

Staff Care

  • Preparing training manuals for new staff members or remote workers.
  • Recruiting for potential team members and contractors or freelancers.
  • Placing ads on career websites, reviewing resumes and contacting the right candidates.
  • Interviewing job applicants and speaking with references.
  • Training on-site employees, virtual staff members or freelancers.
  • Putting together welcome and goodbye packages for staff.

Client Care

  • Creating and sending out greeting cards, invitations, newsletters and thank you notes.
  • Sending a gift card or thank you note to your clients on holidays and anniversaries.
  • Putting together welcome packages for clients.


  • Paying bills.
  • Writing and sending invoices to clients.
  • Taking care of customer refunds.


  • Researching on important data, statistics and facts for meetings, presentations or blogs.
  • Monitor and report on latest industry developments and trends.
  • Searching for and contacting industry experts or guests to participate in podcasts and webinars.

Project Management

  • Managing projects.
  • Staying in touch with subcontractors.
  • Emailing reports.
  • Using online calendars.
  • Calling team leaders informing them of deadlines.

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