About Cottonwood Stone


Cottonwood is an ambassador of peace and facilitates the development of peaceful and harmonious relationships.  She travels the country helping businesses build rapport with their staff and clients; she presents musical and educational concerts and events that illuminate commonalities while celebrating differences; and she creates the sacred space for people to come together and talk and not feel alone.  Most importantly, she helps you embrace your gifts and step fully into your purpose.

(photo by Peter Thompkins)

Work Experience


Cottonwood has 38 years of workplace experience in administration and management with the government, non-profit, and a variety of other industries.  She understands and cares about helping you find fulfillment not just at work, but in all areas of your life. Working with Cottonwood might take place in the office or at the base of Maroon Bells!

Why Cottonwood?

photo by Michelle Engberg

She uses a wide variety of tools to facilitate the growth of her clients.  Her approach is gentle yet firm, and she will use anything from coaching to music to help create the desired results.

(photo by Michelle Engberg)